Burnettown, SC.
3144 Hwy 421
P.O. Box 994
Bath, SC 29816
Teleohone: 803-593-2676
Fax: 803-593-2676
Emergency: 803-645-8342
Mayor: Wayne Benson

Burnettown Sassafras Park
Located @ Burnettown Town Hall
Lots of green grass and room for parking, The playgoung area is great for kids of all ages and adults to.
Restrooms for the public, handicap accessable sidewalks, parking and restrooms.
Enjoy a Birthday Party in our park!

Willie Whaley (AKA "Burnettown") Park, Burnettown
Willie Whaley Park
is located off of Highway 421 on Carline Road in Burnettown,
South Carolina.Facilities include three ballfields, a multi-purpose field, and a playground area.

Home Of The Sassafras Festival

In 1991, Burnettown had been an incorporated town for 50 years.
A committee was formed to decide how the town would commemorate this important anniversary. It was decided that a street dance was the way to celebrate. A section of Highway 421, Which runs through the town, was blocked off to allow for this celebration and - dancing in the street! People enjoyed it so much that the town council decided to turn it into an annual event. The next year , part of the day was spent listening to gospel groups sing and someone had the idea of selling food stuff and drinks before the evening dance. In 1993, This yet unnamed event became a day long affair with livew entertainment, food vendors and crafters. The street dance was by now a tradition and continues to be a great end to a full day. The festival continued to grow and a committee was formed to think of a name and come up with a logo and other ideas. Finally, in 1995, the festival had a name - The Horse Creek Valley Sassafras Festival. That year the festival committee had worked on several plans for the festival. They sold T-Shirts with the new logo on it. They had arranged a parade. Vendors who rented a spot along the side of the street, sold crafts, arts and food. A car and truck show was an added attraction.  That year nearly 5,000 people came. By 1997, tne Sassafras Festival had become a 3 day event! Each year the committee works hard to bring something new and interesting to the event. A softball tournament and a beauty pageant were added as pre-festival events. In 2001, when the town celebrated it's 60th anniversary, a new and larger carnival came for an entire week! Each year entertainment and events are added to give visitors a real treat. The Sassafras Festival is focused on family and family fun. In 2003, respecting requests of some town members and visitors, Burnettown added a new non-alcohol policy for a designated area. This area extends from Carline Road, behind the Town Hall up to the drive beside the town hall. This new policy allows people to make a choice and is strictly enforced. In 2004 for safety and comfort, people were asked to leave thier pets at home.
There are NO PETS ALLOWED. Anyone bringing a pet will be asked to leave.

Thank You for observing these rules.

" We want EVERYBODY to have a good time "

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Langley Pond
Langley pond is the fastest growing rowing venue in the southeast.  As a matter of fact, it is the only Olympic size course in South Carolina.   Visitors from all over the world compete in national and regional competitions annually.   It is the world's largest pond measuring just a few inches short of being a lake!   The pond is the perfect place to waterski, jet ski, swim, fish, picnic or have your companys' annual event.   Complete with a bathhouse, concession stand, boat ramp, special events area, swim area and dock, you are sure to find pleasure along the banks or in the water!   Remember Langley Pond when planning an event or just to get away! It is conveniently located off Hwy. 1 Midland Valley High School and Langley crossing and has plenty of parking.


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Home Of The Annual
Sassafras Festival
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