Burnettown, SC.
3144 Hwy 421
P.O. Box 994
Bath, SC 29816
Teleohone: 803-593-2676
Fax: 803-593-6275
Emergency: 803-645-8342

A Brief History Of Burnnettown

In the late 1800's and early 1900's Burnnettown was only land with a dirt road running through it. In 1890, Mr. Daniel Burnette bought the land on one side of the dirt road. In 1901 he sold a few lots, and homes were built on the property. In 1890 a commitee was formed in Aiken and Augusta to plan some way for people to easily, and more quickly travel between these two cities. These businessmen decided on a trolley system and began buying land along which the trolley tracks would be laid for the trolley route. The idea was to pass through populated places, making stops and picking up passengers along the way. The old trolley tickets did'nt name all the places the trolley stopped. In fact , the need for a name to tell the trolley conductor where to stop was how Burnettown got its name. Since some of Mr. Burnette's land was bought for the trolley tracks, people would ask to be let off at Mr. Burnette's land. Eventually, home owners began to call it Burnette Town since Mr. Burnette had once owned the land. In 1929, when the trolley system no longer ran between Aiken and Augusta people in the Midland Valley Area felt the sting of losing transpertation for jobs, shopping, etc. Seeing the situation, a few enterprising men bought cars and offered a taxi service in the late 1920's and the early 1930's. These taxi's took workers to work and home for a fee of $1.50 to $2.00 weekly. In order to operate the 50 taxi's, it became necessary to have an incorporated town between Aiken, SC. and Aaugusta, GA. Since Burnettown was not a textile town, folks there were asked to incorporate so that taxi's could be licensed to pick up passengers on the highway. In both mill towns, Langley and Bath, the largest land holders were the mills themselves whice made incorporation impossible. On June 5th 1941, a charter was issued to the town. An election was held and George R. Dillon became the 1st mayor of Burnettown. The 1st councilmen were Dr. L.D. Royal, Lewis G. Leverette, Randolph Patterson and Henry Miles. An early Burnettown Water Office/Town Hall belonged to Mr. Frank Garvin and was on Third Street.

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Burnettown, SC
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Pictures of the old Trolley's, Worker's and Owner's
Town of Burnettown

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