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Port Royal Seafood Inc.

The Midland Valley Area
The Midland Valley Area
Vaucluse, Graniteville, Burnettown, Warrenville,
Gloverville, Langley, Clearwater, Bath,
Madison, Stiefeltown,  Jacksonville & Lynwood.

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11th Street Dockside Restaurant
1699 11th Street West
Port Royal, SC 29935
Business Hours
Monday - Sunday
4:30pm - 10:00pm
Full Bar
Casual Waterfront Dinning
Phone: 843-524-7433
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My mission is to serve the Midland Valley Area to the best of my ability. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome. My goal is to provide the Midland Valley Area with the most accurate information possible. I want to see the Midland Valley Area prosper and maintain it's historical past. If you have any information that you think will benefit The Midland valley Area Website send it to DannyHusk07@Gmail.com
I want To make people happy, solve unsolved problems innovatively, preserve and improve human life in The Midland Valley Area and become the dominant information provider on the internet in The Midland Valley Area and bring The Midland Valley Area into the 21st Century.
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More About Danny Husk
More About Danny Husk

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